Thank you for visiting this web page to help us with Rh factor research. The subject of present study is to search for associations between the blood group of a subject and his/her personality, morphology and health. We need the data from subjects with all blood groups, not only from Rh negative subjects. Therefore please share the link to this questionnaire with your friends, for example your Facebook friends. The questionnaire is anonymous and obtained data will be used exclusively for scientific purpose. Your cooperation on the project is voluntary and you can terminate it at any time by closing this web page.

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Professor Jaroslav Flegr from the University of Prague is best known as being the author of Frozen Evolution: Or, that's not the way it is, Mr. Darwin - Farewell to selfish gene and for his work on how the toxoplasma gondii virus affects rh negative homozygotes more than the rest of the population.

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We also need rh positive participants as their results will serve us as controls.

Thank you all in advance for your participation in this scientific study!

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